Brew Review – Hoplomatic Immunity by Dixie Bar and Grill @dixiegrillwpb

​I literally could have passed by West Palm Beach’s Dixie Bar and Grill had not my wife been on the lookout while I was driving. T’is a small but mighty place. 

I didn’t really know it existed until they appeared on the After The Show Podcast from my friends at the KVJ Show on 97.9 WRMF. Listening to their reps, Dixie Bar and Grill was apparently trying to make it as a standard sports bar, but just couldn’t turn the tables over fast enough. 

Instead of closing, they went back to the drawing board and rebranded themselves as craft, focusing on better ingredients, better dishes, and craft beer, much of it local. 

It doesn’t look very crafty when you enter. In fact, it looks more like a South Florida history museum collided with a Woolworths from the 1950’s. Every single inch of wall and ceiling is completely covered with stuff. Just stuff. Lunchboxes, weird Florida kitsch, and stuff. It was a lot for my daughter to look at. 

I was busy looking at their tap list, because wow. I’ve been to other WPB eateries that promised good beer selections, even some with ‘Beer’ in the name, only to be sorely disappointed. 

There is no disappointment at Dixie, though. The tap list is huge, varied, and had some hard to find beers. And, here’s the best part, Dixie Bar and Grill is now brewing their own. I would love to know a bit about how and where they are brewing, especially since there’s not a ton of room. 

Their signature beer is Ambrocious Amber. They brought it with them to KVJ, and everyone has Ambrocious Amber shirts on. Naturally, it wasn’t on tap. Sigh. But, they did have one beer, Hoplomatic Immunity (IPA, 6.2% ABV).

Basically, this is a hop bomb of Mosaic. They even mentioned so; the beer was meant to showcase the beer. It’s got a great golden color with a sweet, juicy aroma. 

Taste-wise, this little brewery that could managed to hit the style perfectly. It’s nice and juicy, with a big citrus flavor that isn’t quite as bitter as a Citra beer would be. There’s a light malty body and is buoyant and wonderful. 

The food is good, the tap list is good, most of the service is good, and it’s always welcome to have another brewpub in Florida. I would have liked to try the Amber, but there’s always next time. 

I will have to keep a sharper lookout for it. 
Drink Florida Craft, 



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