Brew Review – La Colada by Biscayne Bay Brewing @biscaynebaybrew

After many months and a gorgeous new graphic overhaul, Biscayne Bay Brewing has finally opened the doors to their tap room. 

I’m excited to see what they’ve done with the place. When I was there last, some time ago, the brewing space looked great, but the rest of the facility looked less like a tap room and more like Dunder-Mifflin was about to move in. Hopefully I can get there soon. 

Their beers are starting to get a lot more exposure and distribution in South Florida as well, Which is how I was able to have a pint of La Colada (English Porter, 6.5% ABV) while still some way away from their Doral home. 

Clearly they weren’t skimping on the beer while making their striking new visual style. 

A Colada, as my Spanish co-worker explained to me, is the standard 4-5 oz. shot of Cuban coffee you get when you order coffee in South Florida. All you have to say is “Un Colada,” and you get the tiny cup of strong, sweet goodness. The word itself is more of a verb, meaning ‘to brew’ or ‘to strain.’

That explains the name. This English Porter was brewed with Cuban coffee, and the flavor of the beer reflects its namesake wonderfully. The coffee is very piquant, smooth and noticeable with little bitterness. Biscayne Bay added lactose to the beer to bring out some of the sweetness and mellow the entire experience. 

Accentuating those coffee notes is a dark, yet incredibly simple malt bill. The entire beer is very easy to drink, very flavorful, and an absolute delight. It may even make me want to search out a standard Colada on my own. 

And I don’t even like coffee that much. 

Drink Florida Craft, 




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