Brew Review – Milo’s IPA by St. Pete Brewing Co. @stpetebrewingco

​If the posts I’m seeing on social media are to be believed, today is National Dog Day. 

I wouldn’t know. I’m more of a cat person. 

Plenty of brewers are dog people, though, and plenty of them also like to name their beers after their dogs. Such is the case with Jon McCracken, the co-owner and head brewer at St. Pete Brewing. One of his old dogs was the inspiration behind Milo’s IPA (IPA, 7% ABV, 85 IBU), one of two canned releases from the brewery. 

Milo was pretty lazy, apparently. He didn’t play fetch, he didn’t swim, none of the stereotypical dog activities. Basically like a cat. 

They can’t be lazy making the beer. There were 6 separate hop additions of Northern Brewer and Chinook used, and all of that goes into a big, flavorful, and herbal west coast-style IPA. There’s a great, piney, and bursting bitterness to the beer, accompanied by a gorgeous orange color. 

And a picture of Milo, right there on the can. Hanging out, as only Milo did. 

Drink Florida Craft, 




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