Brew Review – Crank by Cycle Brewing & Sip the Sunshine @cyclebrewing

​At this point, Florida craft beer drinkers have a ton of potential beer festivals to choose from. They range quite dramatically, from small regional affairs where a brewery shoots out 30 treatments of their beers and brings along a handful of their friends, to mega blowouts attracting megabreweries with cutesy booths set up in an effort to appear craft. 

I think it might be a bit obvious which one I prefer. 

One beer festival that I’d like to go to, however, is Sip the Sunshine, coming up Oct. 29th in Sarasota. It’s all strictly Florida breweries, and there’s a fairly good spread of brewers from across the state participating.

To that end, every week from now until the event, I’ll be highlighting a beer from a different participating brewery. Today, I make a gigantic assumption that St. Petersburg brewing darling Cycle Brewing will bring their signature Crank IPA (IPA, 6% ABV) to the event. 

If I can ever get one of their prodigious bottles for the blog, I will write a bit more about Crank and their now three brewing facilities. Suffice it to say, Cycle Brewing’s founder and brewer Doug Dozark isn’t much for giant blends of several hops. His beers tend to be very single hop, and Crank’s single hop is Citra, used in abundance. 

It’s bitter and sweet, with lots of trademark citrus flavors and a strong, sharp bite. It’s a classic Gulf Coast IPA, pretty much representative of what many breweries in the area love to make, drinkers love to drink, and staples at any good tap room. 

Or beer festival, for that matter. If you’re going to Sip the Sunshine, everything (including prices and online sales) are at or on their Facebook event page. Go, enjoy. 

And someone will need to tell me if Cycle really does bring Crank.  

Drink Florida Craft, 




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