Brew Review – Seasonal Sneak by Cigar City Brewing @cigarcitybrew 

​Welcome to Week 2 of our Sip the Sunshine beer festival preview! This festival, taking place in Sarasota on Oct. 29th,  will exclusively highlight beers from the Sunshine State. 

None of you will be particularly shocked, I assume, to hear that Tampa’s Cigar City Brewing will be there. And if they bring the bunny thing on the label for Seasonal Sneak (Pumpkin Beer, 7% ABV, 33 IBU), then I am never going to Sarasota again. 

Sneak is Cigar City’s imperial pumpkin beer, the bigger, badder, darker version of Good Gourd. Yes, it has pumpkin and yes, it has spices. But what you really notice almost immediately is the chocolate. 

It’s an incredibly dark, deep cocoa flavor that’s very close to one of those brutally unsweetened chocolate bars you get at Whole Foods. This cocoa flavor isn’t coming exclusively from the dark roasted malts; there’s cocoa in this. Lots of it. 

The spices are very dark and semi-sweet and tend to build more off the chocolate than the pumpkin. The pumpkin is there, but it’s faint and sits in the background a bit, especially with the high ABV and the chocolate. But it’s somehow perfect as a fall beer. 

So, if you want to visit Cigar City at Sip the Sunshine, head to or visit Sip the Sunshine’s Facebook page for more details. We will see what they bring to Sarasota. 

And if they bring that bunny, run. 

Drink Florida Craft, 




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