Brew Review – Indulgences DIPA by Castle Church Brewing Community @churchbrew

​I am going to assume many of my readers learned about indulgences in high school. I am also going to assume many of my readers no longer remember the nuances of what happened with indulgences during the Middle Ages. 

As a primer, Indulgences are a way to reduce punishments and penances to adherents of the Catholic Church. Nowadays, it usually takes the form of prayers, volunteering, and so on. In the Middle Ages, however, they were bought wholesale, sold on the street by unscrupulous church officials and others who liked to say they were as such. 


It’s one of the many things that instigated the Reformation, and one of the valid points that Martin Luther mentioned in his 95 Theses. 

Fast forward several hundred years to Orlando and Lutherfans Castle Church Brewing Community are not only getting their brewery/Lutheran Church off the ground, but also fine tuning their line of beers based on Luther and his teachings. 

And, of course, the naturally had to brew up some Indulgences (Imperial IPA, 9.1% ABV, 95 IBU). 

There’s no harsh penance involved with this beer, which is nice. It’s got a moderate blend of both fruity and earthy hops, both of which are delicious. For some interesting reason the beer clocks in at a whopping 95 IBU but never feels brutal at all. 

Yes, they made the IBUs of the beer match Luther’s famous 95 Theses. Serious Lutherfans, I tell you. 

They laid those hops on a bright, bisciuty bed of malt flavors, providing a sweet undercurrent that further helps the hops be a bit on the approachable side. For what is one of my least favorite styles, this beer is nicely approachable and very nuanced. 

Catle Church is still fundraising to open their space in DOwntown Orlando, so I would definitely recommend checking them out at and seeing if you can throw a few their way. 

It may not get you out of Purgatory, but you’ll have a few good beers on the way.  

Drink Florida Craft, 




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