Brew Review – Lychee IPA by JDub’s Brewing @jdubsbrewing

Welcome to Week of our Sip The Sunshine sneak preview. Today we head to Sarasota to ask a deep, insightful question:

How do you pronounce Lychee?

This small, slightly tart fruit, known for it’s goofy red exterior and squishy, sweet-tart flavor, is known for copious usage in Asian cuisine. 

I’ve heard it pronounced LEE-chee and LIH-chee. I just don’t know. 

But if you go to Sip The Sunshine (tickets are available at, you can ask the JDub’s crew about it and their Lychee IPA (IPA, 6.7% ABV).

The flavor of the base IPA is wonderfully light and citrusy, which is a great blend for the lychee. It has a healthy bitterness to it, lightly aggressive and full of flavor. 

Malt flavors are kept low and quiet. This is a beer for the fruit and not the biscuit, thank you very much. But it has a juicy sweet feel that you can also sniff on the aroma and invites the drinker right in. 

So if you go, please report to me what they say. I would love to know. Or maybe they’ll just throw lychee fruits at you. 

It could happen.

Drink Florida Craft,




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