Brew Review – Calliope by Barley Mow 

Well, would you look at that. Barley Mow made another beer that doesn’t have dark, menacing imagery on the can (Americana notwithstanding). 

The beer in question is Calliope (Shandy, 4% ABV), a delicious seasonal shandy that features great flavors of the summer and has a woman dressed as a wood nymph on the front. 

Ordinarily I would assume this is the Calliope that was the de facto head on the Greek muses. Nope, this Calliope is a woodland fairy that traipses around the forest and … kills unicorns to drink their blood. 

Come. On. Seriously? 

Barley Mow, you made a shandy and named it after the John Wayne Gacy of unicorns? What about having a light blonde ale with fresh, tart cherries and Florida lemon juice makes you think of a forest of unicorn corpses and a serial killer with a crown of leaves?

It has a delightfully light and slightly tart flavor that is easy to drink, bright and bubbly, and goes well with the fact you named the beer after a fairy that shares a preferred food source with Voldemort. 

You named your beer after Voldemort, Barley Mow. You made a Voldemort beer. You made a Voldebeer. 

It’s seasonal, so now is the time to head to eithet Barley Mow’s tap room in Largo or better bottle shops in the state. It’ll be gone soon. 

Just wipe the unicorn blood off the 6 pack, please. 

Drink Florida Craft,




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