Brew Review – 1890 Founder’s Ale by Grayton Beer Co. @graytonbeer

​More than one person has told me that the Florida panhandle works less like a part of Florida and more like South Alabama. 

That explains why it’s really difficult to find panhandle beers in most of the state. It also explains why I had to travel to a completely different state to find some of those beers on tap, namely Grayton Beer. Of the beers I had the choice in trying, I picked their 1890 Founder’s Ale (Amber Ale, 6.1% ABV, 42 IBU). 

I chose well. Then again, the other beers of theirs I’ve tried were good as well. 

So 1890 Founder’s Ale is interestingly titled since 1) Grayton started a few years ago and 2) This was not one of their first beers. But it’s one of their year-round standards, available in 6-packs and on draft in places nowhere near me. 

It’s quite delicious. For an amber ale, it’s got a great, sweet flavor. There’s a half-caramel, half-nutty quality to the flavor, really malty delicious. As the beer warms up (if you let it), there’s a light hoppy bite that tends to show up. 

The bite isn’t overly pervasive, and overall it’s a very enjoyable brew. Interestingly enough, South Florida beer drinkers can actually try some beers from Grayton at the upcoming Grovetoberfest at Miami Marine Stadium on Saturday, Oct. 15th. I’ll have more details about that later. 

Or you could just go to the panhandle. Or other states, apparently. 

Drink Florida Craft, 




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