Brew Review – Chocolate Porter by 3 Daughters Brewing @3dbrewing

​I love sneak previews. It’s kinda fun to get to try things well before the general public. 

I also don’t like sneak previews. It’s hard to have to wait until news is officially released before describing that preview I got to try. 

Such is life. Such is also the bottle I got surreptitiously gifted by the wonderful people at 3 Daughters in St. Pete. That bottle contained the first taste of what has now been released as Chocolate Porter (Porter, 6.9% ABV).

This is much more than a standard chocolate porter, however. See, the entire thing was aged in Red Zinfindael barrels (something my beautiful wife was quite excited to try). 

The aging was worth it, thank you very much. First of all, 3 Daughters’ brewmaster Ty Weaver is really, really good with porters. To imagine this beer, start off with a fantastically brewed beer that combines deep roast flavors of coffee and bread that still manages to be light and smooth on the tongue. 

Add the chocolate. It’s more of a dark coca quality, more so than you would get with a malt, but definitely nowhere near as sweet and creamy as a Hershey’s bar. It’s a dull sweetness with a nice bite, and it sits very well with the malt flavors. 

Now here is where the barrel aging comes in. It’s a heady beer, and you can immediately tell that it comes from the wine flavors and not from the malt. Yes, I know I said the beer is light. That comes from the base porter. Aging the entire thing in the zin barrels adds a deep, heavy wine aspect to the beer, weighing everything down in a decadent grape quality. 

Here’s the rub: you have to travel to the 3 Daughters tap room in St. Pete to get the beer. Bottles won’t exactly sneak into your beer fridge, unfortunately. 

That would be really awesome, though. 

Drink Florida Craft, 




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