Brew Review – Fire In The Hole by Funky Buddha Brewing @funkybuddhabrew

This is completely random, but apparently there is a Funky Buddha nightclub in LA that shows up every time I look for Funky Buddha images online. 

Personally, I think the brewery in Oakland Park is vastly superior to any building where a Kardashian might be scurrying around. I’d digress, but how can you hate a place that makes brews like Fire In The Hole (Red Ale, 5.4% ABV, 15 IBU).

Donxt hate me for the glassware. It was the best I could do in incredibly desperate circumstances. 

Fire In The Hole is, at its core, a red ale. I actually would like to try this red on its own. It doesn’t seem to be nearly as hoppy as Fugghedaboutit. 

The addition of raspberries is quite delicious, with the fruity tartness blending in nicely with a light caramel malt. 

The peppers, however, don’t mess around. Itxs nicely spicy, and the heat (spiciness) increases as the beer warms up (temperature, thank you very much). It’s not a beer to mess around with. 

If this is up your alley, act fast. It just hit bombers and probably will not be around for long. 

Unlike a Kardashian, unfortunately. 

Drink Florida Craft, 




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