Brew Review – Kombuchas from Farm Boy Produce

​I’ve come to the conclusion that kombucha isn’t traditionally exactly like beer, but since it shares methods, care, and culture (no pun intended), it deserves a good mention every now and again on this humble blog.  

And much like beer and the occasional distilled spirits that grace this site, it’s readily available and easy to find a local brewer that’s producing their heart out to make something that’s uniquely Florida. Today we will focus on another of those someones, Farm Boy Produce from Orlando. 

Farm Boy Produce was created in 2012, part of an organic co-op downtown. All the ingredients, both scobi and adjuncts are organic as well. Their Facebook page is worth a visit, since they don’t have a traditional website with a ‘find us’ locator. 

One place I’ve been very fortunate to find them easily is at the growing number of Lucky’s Markets in the state. Lucky’s has been pretty good to Farm Boy, apparently, since their kombuchas are available on draft up front and in bottles in the cold case at the back of the store. 

My first brew of theirs was the Pineapple Ginger (Kombucha) that Lucky’s had on draft. Man, that stuff has a kick. 

In hindsight, it makes sense. Kombucha traditionally isn’t soft; it comes with a heavy tart kick and a strong carbonation, or at least the mouthfeel thereof. Ginger is incredibly spicy on its own. Combine those two flavors and those two qualities, and you get a wonderfully flavorful drink that can be used to dissolve grout. It’s great, and not necessarily for the faint of heart. 

But that’s why I also took home a bottle of the rather intriguing Crème Soda (Kombucha). 

Wow. That’s just… wow. Soft, flavorful, and incredibly delicious. Adding organic vanilla to organic kombucha is simply brilliant. It has a great, creamy flavor to start, and with only a light, tangy kombucha punch at the end. 

And that merely scratches the surface for the flavors coming from Farm Boy Produce. There are more I really have to try. And my wife is a huge lavender fan, so I can’t wait to have her try the Peppermint Lavender flavor. 

Gotta love local. And organic.  

Drink Florida Craft, 




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