Brew Review – Sunset Beach Bikini Ale by Two Henrys Brewing @twohenrysbeer

​Not going to lie, it’s a bit jarring to see how radically the artwork for today’s beer differs from the rest of the Two Henry’s lineup. Everything they make has the classic, steampunk-esque historical bent stemming from the inspiration behind their namesakes. 

Going from those to Sunset Beach Bikini Ale (Kolsch, 4.3% ABV) is a little like flipping away from History Channel and straight to Beach Blanket Bingo. 

Yes, there is a Sunset Beach. It in neighboring Pinellas County, at the tip of Treasure Island. It’s also as bright and sunny and tropical as the label artwork, and the beer for that matter, would imply. 

For a simple, easy-going, beach-ready beer, I prefer a Kolsch to, say, a Pilsner. The classic Kolsch style tends to be smoother, less hoppy, and a bit sweeter. 

Sunset Beach is a great example. It has a great, sunny golden color and a crisp, no-nonsense aroma of light malt. 

Flavor-wise, it’s just a tad more hoppy than some Kolsch beers I’ve had, but that was more to impart a slightly more citrus fruit quality to the flavor. This complements the malty sweet character present in the beer rather than detract or overpower. 

It’s not heavy or aggressive, it’s not cloying, and it’s definitely not bitter. A fantastic Florida beer, to be honest. 

And I hope this is the last time I reference a Frankie Avalon movie. 

Drink Florida Craft, 




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