Brew Review – Bourbon Barrel-Aged Umatilla by BrewHub

​Please be careful when you take the wax off a bottle of beer. Especially with a knife. This might happen:

I have been holding onto a bottle of Bourbon Barrel-aged Umatilla (Barleywine, 12% ABV, 47 IBU) from BrewHub’s Harbingerfest for a year now. Since BrewHub’s second Harbingerfest is coming up on October 22nd, I figured now is a good time to break open that bottle. 

And break it open is exactly what I did. Oh, the horrors. I still drank it, though. 

And it was quite fantastic. Umatilla, for those of you that didn’t read the last review a year ago, Umatilla is a strong, malty barleywine that has been aged on coffee beans, acerola cherries, and Madagascar vanilla beans. 

That beer was released in bottles, but some of it was rerouted to Wild Turkey barrels for an additional aging. That move was fantastic. 

The beer is very mellow, and surprisingly enough tends to soften some of the slight booziness from the original. There’s a strong malt sweetness that the cherries like to accentuate, and the vanilla & coffee provides a nice base. 

It’s incredibly flavorful and strong as anything. I’m not sure if BewHub will be bringing it back to Harbingerfest this year, but with everything else coming to the event, it’ll be worth it to go. Tickets are at 

Just be careful opening the bottle. 

Drink Florida Craft, 




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