Brew Review – Helicity Pilsner by Big Storm Brewing @bigstormbrewing

​Three things about Helicity:

1 – It’s pronounced he-LIH-ci-tee. I know, blew my mind, too. 

2 – Helicity is a mathematical property of wind, basically taking windspeed, heights, and a bunch of other stuff to determine how easy cyclical weather formations (tornadoes, water spouts) can form. 

3 – Big Storm Brewing sells Helicity (Pilsner, 4.2% ABV, 21 IBU) in six packs.  

Helicity is one of those classic starter beers that people can immediately start in on after jumping ship from the macros. It has a simple malt quality to it that is light, biscuity, and very clean. It also lends itself nicely to a gorgeous golden blonde color. 

The hops, while unassuming, bring a moderate earthy quality to the backbone of the beer. Mixed with that biscuity malt character, it’s quite an interesting flavor.

It’s pretty simple, and a great summer beer (which is still needed even though it’s mid-October). 

And a lot more hospitable than a tornado.   

Drink Florida Craft, 




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