Brew Review – Les Grisettes by Green Bench Brewing

​The term ‘grisette’ refers to a working-class French woman between the early 1800’s and the start of World War I. It stems from the French gris, or gray, and was directly influenced by the cheap gray dresses these women wore as they worked. 

Think about the beginning of Les Miserables, especially the shots that aren’t insane close-ups of Anne Hathaway. Those are grisettes. 

The specific grisettes that St. Pete’s Green Bench Brewing focused on with their Farmhouse ale Les Grisettes (Saison, 4% ABV) worked in the mining regions of Southern Belgium. They brewed the saisons and, clad in their gray garments, would bring them to the miners throughout the day.   

Those women were honored with Les Grisettes, Green Bench Brewing’s first saison brewed exclusively with their house strain of Brettanomyces yeast. The ingredients are pretty traditional, with a grain bill heavy on buckwheat, spelt, rye, and oats. 

The taste is an interesting blend of a dry, champagne fruitiness with a piquant, sharp tang of brett. If you can imagine a dry brut blended with just a tiny touch of the sweetness and all of the tartness of lemon, and you’re close to how Les Grisettes tastes. 

It’s also pretty drinkable, especially in Florida. It’s light and nicely carbed and, at 4% ABV, it’s easily sessionable. Les Grisettes is available in bottles and is back on tap at Green Bench’s St. Pete tap room as well.   

They just won’t be wearing a cheap gray dress when they serve you, though. 

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