Brew Review – Silk O’ The Kine by 3 Daughters Brewing @3dbrewing

​I love, love, love Ireland. I don’t think I could live there, but I still love it. Even went there on my honeymoon. And yes, there was a certain world-famous Irish Stout that I drank a mack ton of while I was there. 

The one thing I could never get a hold of was Gaelic. Sure, I can fake an Irish accent with the best of them, but there is just something a little off about how I see Gaelic. It just soulds and looks weird.  

Same thing with the lingo. Sure, feck is fun to say, and I got fooled with the craic explanation like any good American tourist, but there’s still plenty more to be confused by. For example, Silk O’ The Kine (Irish Stout, 4.5% ABV). I had to get 3 Daughters’ Leigh Harting to explain that one to me.  


To start, kine is really old slang for cows. Really old. That silk the phrase refers to is the best product you get from Ol’ Bessie, milk. Therefore, the Silk o’ the Kine is the milk from a herd of cows.

All I ever do is roll down my car window and moo at them as I drive by. I don’t really give them slang. 

Now, I understand the inclination is to think this is a milk stout. Not so. The beer was named so because it is so silky smooth that it like the aforementioned moo juice. 

And it is. Like the Dublin Tap Water I had so much of in Ireland, it jas a great, slippery smooth mouthfeel, gorgeous dark color, and wonderfully rich nose. 

The taste has moderate coffee notes with a light molasses aftertaste. It’s nicely rich, but not syrupy or chewy. Very light and easily drinkable.

It doesn’t take a flight to Ireland to get, either. It will, however, require a drive to 3 Daughters’ tap room in St. Pete for a bottle. On your way, swing by a cow pasture and say hi.


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