Brew Review – A Hotter Blonde by Big Top Brewing Co. @bigtopbrewco

​I used to love watching Iron Chef. 

Not the snazzy new Alton Brown one, but the old school, late 90’s Japanese insanity one. Every so often someone would absolutely go crazy ape bonkers with ingredients in quantities they could never replicate in a normal restaurant without having to charge $1k a plate. I even remember someone using a couple thousand dollars worth of lobster just for flavoring. 

Big Top Brewing’s bomber game is a lot like that. Sometimes my friends in Sarasota like to take the ingredient train to crazytown. Just look at A Hotter Blonde (Blonde Ale, 5.7% ABV, 47 IBU).

Two things in this beer: One is local honey, gotta love that. The other is over 1,000 grilled jalapenos that was used in the batch. 

It is simply amazing what that did to the beer. The aroma of fresh, piquant jalapenos is mouthwatering and very noticeable. The jalapeno is still noticeable and big in the flavor of the beer as well, so fresh that you can practically taste the whole plant. 

It’s so much better than a canned jalapeno or even some sort of extract. The honey is very light, as is the malt bill, providing a buoyant backbone for the rest of the beer. 

It’s in bombers, too! Great bottles, nice design from Alizon Studios, and should still be available in their Sarasota tap room. 

But not for $1k a bottle.  

Drink Florida Craft,



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