Brew Review – Hot Kokomo by Ormond Brewing @ormond_brewing

​I’m not going to mention the song at all. Not going to happen. 

I am going to mention, however, that Ormond Brewing took a bit of a tropical visual approach with their thick and bold Hot Kokomo (Imperial Stout, 10% ABV, 52 IBU).

This beer is listed as ‘hot’ in both the name (obviously) and the description on the bottle. There’s no peppers, no bizarre adjuncts, and yet when you let the beer warm up slightly, a faint noticeable heat really does come through. 

Some of that might be with aging the beer on espresso beans and not just inserting cold brew coffee into fermentation. There’s a nice little kick to the beer, and I’m fairly certain that’s where it comes from. 

The beer was also aged on cocoa nibs and vanilla beans, and the cocoa was really what comes through most, especially in the nose of the beer. Very strong, very delicious chocolate flavor. Combining that with the heavy dark malt really brings something dark and heavy. 

Remarkably, the 22 oz. bombers of this are still on store shelves. It’s an entertaining brew. 

A lot better than that song…

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