Brew Review – Pumpkin Stiltskin by Big Top Brewing @bigtopbrewco

​Pumpkin beer!

Love it or hate it, it’s a permanent part of the craft beer landscape now. Kind of like the Kardashians, only a lot less morally reprehensible. 

This one comes courtesy of the good people at Big Top Brewing in Sarasota, with their seasonal bomber release Pumpkin Stiltskin (Pumpkin Beer, 8.2% ABV). And please take a few minutes to admire the gorgeous artwork from Alizon Studios. They’ve done some great work for Big Top.

Interestingly enough, this is the pumpkin beer closest to a PSL that I think I’ve ever had. The big pumpkin spice quality is resplendent with cinnamon and nutmeg. 

It’s a little thick and chewy; some of that comes from the spices and a lot of that comes from a heavy caramel malt that brings a syrupy feel, heady ABV, and big bready sweetness to the beer as well. There’s a lot of body in this incredibly satisfying brew. 

Bombers are still available in Big Top’s Sarasota tap room. Actually, their bomber game is pretty strong right now, and I have some more to review coming up as well. All with labels designed by Alizon Studios, all with quality beers inside. But only this one is pumpkin. 

Embrace the pumpkin beer.  

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