Brew Review – Hop Tycoon by Two Henrys Brewing @twohenrysbeer

​Ty·coon (tīˈko͞on/). Noun.

A wealthy, powerful person in business or industry.

Florida has had its share of tycoons in its illustrious past. Present politics aside, we here at the blog are more interested in two major railroad tycoons from the past, Henry Plant and Henry Flagler. Otherwise known as the two Henrys at Two Henrys Brewing in Plant City. 

When Two Henrys releases a beer, it tends to feature one or the other. I’m pretty sure that Hop Tycoon (Imperial IPA, 9.5% ABV, 56 IBU) marks the first time both of them are on the label together. 

Well, their hop cone headed counterparts, of course. 

Hop Tycoon is an interesting beer. Good interesting, of course. 

It starts off nicely sweet, almost like a big amber ale. A lot of that is from the liberal biscuit and caramel malts in the beer. 

A few seconds into that, the Amarillo, Galaxy, and Simcoe hops take over with a landslide of big, herbal bitter notes. Those two flavors, the sweet and the earthy, bounce back and forth like the two tycoons were playing a game of squash. 

It’s creative, it’s complex, and it’s as rich as the men it references. And it’s in cans, too, so you can bring them home with you. 

They might be the only tycoons you’ll want around. 

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