Brew Review – Gourds Gone Wild by Tampa Bay Brewing Co. @TBBCo

​I’m placing this beer’s name squarely in the “How was this not taken?” Category, mainly because I was amazed no one grabbed it before. 

In the very well stocked category of pumpkin beers comes Gourds Gone Wild (Pumpkin Ale, 5.5% ABV) from Tampa Bay Brewing Company. 

The beer is fantastic, but the name just makes me feel unclean. I never really liked the commercials for those videos anyway. 

So pumpkin beers tend to be a very mild flavor of actual pumpkin, or a moderate flavor of pumpkin spices. TBB took the latter and detonated it, creating a big, bold, and intensely flavorful beer with absolutely insane notes of pumpkin spices. 

I can really get behind making sure I have a bomber of this every year, with those spices mixing in with a rich caramel malt. Sure, the hop spice tends to pop up a bit strongly, but the rest of the beer more than makes up for it. 

And I do believe it’s still available on shelves and on tap around the Tampa Bay area at this point. It really does behoove you to find a bomber if you can. 

It’s just the name…

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