Brew Review – Lavender Ale by Motorworks Brewing at @newworldbrew @motorworksbrew

​It’s just a tad on the easily missable side, and it looks like you’ll need a machete to get in, but the giant patch of plants residing in Northwest Ybor City is actually a pretty cool place: New World Brewery. 

It’s not actually a brewery, but it’s got an absolutely killer beer lineup, along with some of the coolest digs I’ve ever seen in a bar/restaurant. Check these out:

Basically, if I could make a man cave it would look like this. 

Anyway, they had quite the awesome list. And, with the suggestion of my awesome bartender, I settled in with a pint of Motorworks Brewing’s Lavender Ale (Scottish Ale, 5.4% ABV).

Lavender is one of those things that can be a little dicey when it comes to food products. Sometimes it’s really nice and flavorful, and sometimes you get bath soap. 

Motorworks got it right. There’s a light, creamy lavender aroma to the beer, and that delicate floral flavor stays in the beer. The Scottish ale is moderate and easier to drink than a normal Wee Heavy. There’s no alcohol burn here, just a great caramel flavor, light earthy hops, and that wonderful lavender flavor. 

It’s a little unexpected from Motorworks, and I got it in an unexpectly well stocked place. But it’s a great beer from a solid brewery and some great service in a great little place. 

It pays to go off the beaten path sometimes.

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