Brew Review – Miami Pale Ale by Biscayne Bay Brewing 

​Zingers make me happy. 

Most of my Florida readers should be within 30 minutes or so of a Miller’s Ale House.  They’re also in several states, but most of the Orlando-based chain’s locations are in the Sunshine State.

They’ve got a lot of bar foods, some killer desserts, bit draft list, but it’s all about the Zingers (a.k.a. chicken tenders). They have it in standard or piled high with shredded cheese, bacon bits, etc. similar to nachos.

I’m not sure I could handle that Mountain Melt. I always go for the Zinger salad, with my Zingers in Mt. St. Helens in case you were interested. It’s also good to grab a beer, and luckily Ale House is starting to branch away from macros and jump into the craft beer scene. 

Awesomely enough, I actually found a beer I hadn’t tried before from Doral’s Biscayne Bay Brewing Company. It’s the simply titled, expertly crafted Miami Pale Ale (Pale Ale, 5.5% ABV, 66 IBU).

It’s an interestingly refreshing pale that doesn’t have the killer hoppy flavor that some South Florida brewers like to do. For starters, the beer has a deeper, orange color than a normal pale ale, primarily due to the Scotch malts used in brewing.  

There was also a strong amount of dry hopping used, which gave the beer more of an earthy hop flavor and kept the bitterness controlled. Present, but controlled, and very satisfying. 

I have made my opinion on pales relatively well known, but I would definitely order Miami Pale Ale. And it goes great with Zingers, so that can’t be beat.

Just don’t forget, Mt. St. Helens, please.   

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