Brewery Visit – The Tank Brewing @thetankbrewing

​I really can’t wait for you to see Miami’s newest brewery The Tank. Once it’s fully operational, it will basically be the ultimate man cave. 

Located in an industrial park just north of Miami International Airport, The Tank is currently in operation brewing and shipping kegs around Miami-Dade and Broward County. 

By the end of the year, however, the ample tasting room will be open. I visited them as they were nearing the end of construction as they were laying down some extra drainage in the floor. 

There are a few more things missing that co-founder Carlos Padron showed me, such as the bar and some doors here and there. Nothing too major. 

Not pictured in here is the package store, where people will be able to pick up some of The Tanks soon-to-be-released bottle six packs. I also didn’t take pictures of their gorgeous, dark cigar room, already well-stocked with a variety of cigars and big, cushy black leather chairs. 

It will be really nice. Kid friendly, too, which is really nice for people like me. 

There will be a wall between that tap room and their already buzzing brewing space, with a gorgeous 30 BBL system in the back filling up a large array of fermentation tanks (and there’s plenty of space for more). 

While he showed me their quality control lab, I was able to chat with head brewer Matthew Weintraub. I found a few interesting things, especially when I asked why they decided to go with bottles instead of the rapidly-growing Florida penchant for cans. 

Matthew explained that, especially with many of the saisons and lighter beers he is brewing, PSI means a lot when it comes to beer quality. You can control pressure in cans, but the size of the system you need to get really works only for breweries like Sierra Nevada. Any bottle system can do that, however, hence The Tank making bottles. Matthew is also interested in doing a lot of bottle conditioning for their beers as well.

Tank marketing manager Stefano Medina joined us and we all headed into the cigar area of the brewery to chat for a bit. Stefano brought us a snifter of La Finca Miami (Saison, 6.3% ABV, 28 IBU), one of their core beers. 

La Finca is Spanish for ‘the farm,’ which is fitting since it’s a Farmhouse ale. Matthew and The Tank like to finish their beers a little dry, and La Finca Miami shows that off quite well, bringing a light and bubbly malty flavor to the beer. It has a slight undercurrent of citrus, and a meaty backbone coming from the Belgian yeast used as well. 

It’s an incredibly ‘Miami’ beer, and part of what they are trying to achieve in making a lineup that celebrates and shows the influence of their home. They’re just getting started, but their doing a great job so far. 

But I do want to go back for one of those cigars. 

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