Brew Review – Tri-County Common by 26 Degreee Brewing @26Brewing

​My apologizes to people in the other counties, but when you talk about South Florida, you’re basically talking about three counties in particular: Palm Beach is north, Miami-Dade to the south, and Broward is smack dab in the middle.   

Broward is notable today, since it’s the home of 26 Degree Brewing, close to the ocean in Pompano Beach. All of this is backstory to understanding today’s beer, Tri-County Common Lager (American Light Lager, 5.5% ABV).

Being an American Light, it’s pretty accessible to those still suffering through MacroLagerdom. It has a light, straw color and the interestingly refreshing aroma of lemon in the nose. I sincerely doubt there’s any fruit adjuncts, but this one detail makes the beer a standout in a very crowded field.

That fruity tang continues a bit in the flavor, but still lets the malt play the prominent role. It’s lightly sweet, low in earthy noble hops, and big in drinkability. An excellent, easily accessible beer. 

So it’s brewed in Broward County and easily gotten there. I got my draft at the new City Tap in CityPlace in downtown West Palm Beach, so we have Palm Beach County covered as well. I can only assume you can find it in Miami-Dade as well. 

I mean, you have to live up to your name, right?

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