Brew Review – Oktoberfest by Barley Mow Brewing @barleymowbrew

​You know how every can from Barley Mow Brewing has three things the beer pairs well with, but only two of those things are actually food and the last is some snarky comment? 

Well, on the back of their can for Oktoberfest (Marzen, 5.5% ABV, 25 IBU), that word is Gemutlichkeit. I’m not totally sure what gemutlichkeit is, but I’m hoping that it’s something along the lines of schadenfreude, the enjoyment you feel deriving from the pain and suffering of others. 

Nope. It refers to a spirit of geniality and warmth. And it makes me feel like Barley Mow is starting to be a little cuddlier. Don’t know why. 

Okay, so the beer is a marzen, it’s a great marzen, and I love the style. And before a beer nerd goes after me, it’s a marzen-style beer. It can’t be a true marzen since the beer wasn’t brewed in Munich. There you go. 

It’s beautifully malty with a noticeably strong but not overly cloying caramel flavor. Light hoppiness and a deep orange hue round out a great drink. I’m pretty sure you can still find them on store shelves, and it’s worth it to stockpile some. 

It’s bursting with fahrvergnugen. Or something. I don’t speak German. 

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