Brew Review – Deck The Walls by Concrete Beach Brewing @concretebeachfl

​Christmas Carols! Wooo!

Not really. But don’t let me stop you if that’s your thing. 

Quick culture lessons: the Wynwood area of Miami is very notable for all of the murals painted on the sides of pretty much every building in the district. There’s even an area called Wynwood Walls, set aside only to be a giant outdoor art gallery. 

That’s the background you need for Concrete Beach Brewing’s holiday offering Deck The Walls (Imperial Stout, 8.1% ABV).

Deck The Walls is a spiced stout. I love stouts, and sampling a spiced one is quite something else. If you can imagine, take a solid, refreshing porter that has a great body and a solid dark bready flavor, and give it a little jingle. Not overwhelmingly sweet or cinnamon or anything, but there’s a distinct dimension to the flavor. 

I would probably say there’s more nutmeg and even a tiny hint of ginger and pepper as well. It’s much darker than the brighter pumpkin pie spices everyone’s been bombarded with during the fall. Quite enjoyable, indeed. 

This is one of the beers that is now available on store shelves, canned in Miami with their new canning line. It’s also the first beer released from Concrete Beach that has been brewed by their new head brewer Marco Reyna. I definitely want to meet him again, do a little interview, and maybe drink some more of his beers.

But we won’t be singing any carols. 

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