Brew Review – Ringmaster Raspberry Berliner by Big Top Brewing @bigtopbrewco

​I’m not sure how I should take Sir Wellington, ringmaster and mascot for Sarasota’s Big Top Brewing. Sometimes he’s really cool, and sometimes he looks like a modern remake of Something Wicked This Way Comes. 

Not sure. Case in point, take a look at the illustration (shoutout to Alizon Studios) on the label for their recent bomber release of Ringmaster Raspberry Berliner (Berliner Weisse, 3.4% ABV).  

It’s that cocked eyebrow. Don’t know how to take that. If he’s finished as dry as the beer, I’m assuming there’s nothing to fear. 

That was one of the things that amazed me about the beer. Sure, they used hundreds of pounds of raspberries and some lemon zest in the beer, but they finished the beer bone dry. There’s very little sweetness left, but a nice sour punch. 

Malt is low and hops are even lower. The flavors of the beer are definitely coming from the yeast, maybe with some help from that lemon zest. 

The raspberries definitely left their mark on the hue of the beer, leaving a gorgeous pink color to go along with that flavor. It makes for a rather intriguing and different beer experience. 

Not entirely unlike Sir Wellington himself.  

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