Brew Review – Old Battle Axe by Engine 15 Brewing @engine15brewing

​It’s not every day that I get to have a beer from Jacksonville’s Engine 15 Brewing. North Florida beers generally don’t make it by me. 

I also find it interesting how many beers in North Florida are coming out with label artwork of World War II-era pin-ups. Take, for example, their Old Battle Axe (IPA, 6.4% ABV, 62 IBU). Pretty indicative of the style I’m talking about. 

Although I will say the replacing of rivets with hop cones is both ingenious and cute. 

The beer inside, according to them, is very clean and standard when it comes to IPA standards. It’s refreshingly simple, content to be a quality brew without trying to expand the limits of ridiculous hop blends. 

As it is, the Summit, Northern Brewer, and Glacier hops used bring a nice, light citrus flavor to the party with plenty of alpha acids to keep hop heads happy. It’s not overly brutal or excessively citrusy like any of the C hops would bring. 

Add a solid malty sweetness to the beer and you have a very classic, enjoyable IPA. Yet another good beer coming out of this North Florida brewery. 

With the pin-up on the bottle.

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