Brew Review – Toccata by Barrel of Monks @barrelofmonks

​There’s something to be said about ambiance. 

For sure, I enjoy brewery chic (otherwise known as putting some tables in the brewery floor). I’m not knocking it, but when you have a dark, sexy tasting room like the one at Barrel of Monks in Boca Raton, it’s a different experience entirely. 

And they decorated for the holidays! 

But I can be a simple guy, too. So as my beautiful wife was enjoying a snifter of last year’s Father Christmas, I was enjoying some Toccata (Amber Ale, 5% ABV, 28 IBU). 

A toccata, for those of us that didn’t know, is a piece of music written to show off the skills of the performer. The team at Barrel really didn’t need to show off any more than they already do, but this was welcome. Toccata shows exactly how good they are, whether it’s big, bold, floor busters or something simple and delicate. 

As an amber ale, Toccata has a rich malty character, big on notes of nut and brown sugar with a very faint current of molasses. It also feels like they used their house Belgian yeast to ferment the beer, because there was also a faint tang on the palate and quiet funkiness in the aroma of the beer. 

Hops are low and merely served to accentuate that tang. It also had a gorgeous, warm brown color which only helped it melt in with its surroundings. Very mature, very flavorful. 

Very fitting for a dark, cozy tasting room.

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