Brew Review – Iconoclast by Due South & Barrel of Monks @duesouthbrewing @barrelofmonks

​The South Florida brewing community basically went ballistic when Boca Raton’s Barrel of Monks and Boynton Beach’s Due South Brewing released two different collaboration beers. 

Good reason. Both breweries make excellent beers, so it stands to reason any collaborations would be quite excellent. Each brewery produced one of the collaborations, and I started with the collab that was produced at Barrel’s facility, the interestingly named Iconoclast (Tripel, 9% ABV, 38 IBU). 

An Iconoclast is a person or figure that attacks and criticizes widely-held beliefs or beloved institutions. Think J.J. Abrams with the Star Trek franchise. 

The beloved belief in their sights is that Belgian-style beers shouldn’t be hoppy. And while hopped Belgian beers are nothing new to Florida, it’s rare to find one so smooth and flavorful.  The hops are present, but never get too brutally bitter or cloying. 

Iconoclast uses a blend of European and American hops, both in the boil and dry hopped, to bring a large, fruit-forward flavor to the beer. Barrel of Monks clearly used their signature yeast to add a slightly onion funkiness to the big, biscuity malt that expertly connects with flavors of orange, lemon, and berry from the hops. 

I had also been told the bottled variety would be superior due to the use of bottle conditioning. While I haven’t picked up a pint on draft, the bottle is sufficiently wonderful enough to stand out on its own. 

Their other collaboration, Apostate, is something I’m looking forward to trying. In the meantime, I have a bottle to finish. 

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