Brew Review – Independent Pilsner by Coppertail Brewing @coppertail

​Taking a look at the backstory of the events for Independent Pilsner (Pilsner, 5.1% ABV) makes it looks like the team at Tampa’s Coppertail Brewing is going to be attacking an AB facility with lit torches and pitchforks and Coppertail president Kent Bailey at the front singing ‘One Day More’ from Les Miserables.  

(Worst pour ever.)

Basically, it’s an attack on the large-scale macro-breweries that continue to attempt to undermine the influence of the rapidly booming craft beer scene. When the beer was released, people could even go to their Ybor City taproom with an unopened can of mass-brewed beer and trade it in for a bottle of Independent. 

This was done, according to them, to give Tampa area beer drinkers access to something more flavorful than the mass-marketed beers (heck, my water has more flavor, let’s be honest). 

To that end, Independent was brewed with Pilsner-style malt and Fantasia & TNT hops. That’s it. Yeast and water, obviously, but none of the rice, corn, or other bizarre adjuncts that don’t really belong in a classic style of beer. 

Mind you, a Pilsner is meant to be a bit of a hoppy variety, and Independent definitely doesn’t disappoint in that regard. It’s got a huge, slightly citrus, bitter punch to it, lots of alpha acid goodness that swims around the light, biscuity malt quite nicely. 

It’s quite effervescent and has a great, light nose reminiscent of lemon. Being Independent has its rewards, since the beer is easily better than anything available in the giant 60-can cases. It might be a little hard to find, as I sort of chanced into a bottle and haven’t heard a ton more about it. 

Let’s see what Coppertail says. Don’t break out the pitchforks just yet. 

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