Brew Review – Eggnog Lager by Tampa Bay Brewing Co. @TBBCo

​I’m a little late when it comes to the holiday seasonals. Sorry, I guess. 

On my recent trip to Tampa Bay Brewing Company’s Ybor brewery, their Head Brewer Tim Ogden was telling me about a double-bottle holiday pack they were hard at work brewing. One beer was a gingerbread stout, and I got to try that one pre-gingerbread. Incredible. 

The other beer was going to be an Eggnog Lager (Lager, 7% ABV), and I would be remiss if I didn’t say that one sounded just a little off to me. 

However, I had no plans to go back to the Tampa area any time soon, so I would probably not get any. Lo and behold, however, my local Total Wine’s growler station miraculously got a keg (that they had just tapped right before I walked in), so I ended up successfully getting my pint of Eggnog Lager. 

It’s quite interesting. I don’t hate it, not by a longshot, but it’s definitely a different taste altogether. As a clean-drinking lager, it’s great. Lots of pilsner and honey malts bring a light, bready sweetness to the beer, while hops are noble and very mild. 

While it’s not a ‘creamy’ beer and I really couldn’t detect any lactose per se, the beer was given the eggnog-esque flavors through aging on cinnamon, nutmeg, and allspice. And yes, that flavor is very evident, especially on the first sip of the beer. 

It does tend to level off a bit once you reach the aftertaste, but it’s not wholly unwelcome. It’s almost like many milk stouts that are on the market, without the heavy coffee and chocolate notes from darker malts. It’s really fantastic, and being packaged with that gingerbread stout make for one heck of a nice holiday offering. 

Maybe next time I’ll be able to drink it during the correct time of year.

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