Brew Review – Abroad by Lake Tribe Brewing @laketribebrew


It’s always good to get a Tallahassee beer or two, which is pretty difficult since many of the breweries in the area don’t distribute this far south (yet). So I have to depend of the kindness of others, such as the ones at Tally’s Lake Tribe Brewing. 

Lake Tribe is as outdoorsy as the name suggests, and comes from the founder’s old YMCA Indian Guides tribal name. That founder, former mechanical engineer Jesse Ross, partnered with his brother Jason and father Connor to brew ever-growing batches of beer for friends and family. 

Those beers and affinity for the great outdoors continue in Lake Tribe’s facility, surrounded by trees in the wilds of North Tallahassee, not too far from I-10. Even their flagship beer, Red Chief IPA, continues that inspiration. 

So, naturally, my first beer from them completely ignored all of that. 

No, I started off with Abroad (Wheat Wine, 9.3% ABV), part of their experimental series and a recent bomber release of theirs. Abroad is a wheat wine, a first for me since I’ve only seen people releasing barleywines. 

To that, Lake Tribe added red wine grape must, then aged the heady concoction in French Oak Cabernet Sauvignon barrels. All of this combines to make one very fruit-forward, tart, and bold beer.  The wine flavor is strong, but never overpowering, and lends to a nice tartness to the beer. There’s also a deligtful undercurrent of oaky vanilla as well. 

Hops are kept low, and the wheat is relatively light, allowing the grape must and barrel aging to flex their muscles to their fullest. It’s very complex, and to see this coming out of a brewery as relatively new as Lake Tribe bodes well for the future of this brewery. 

With any luck, the next beer I’ll be writing about from them will be a bit more outdoorsy-themed (spoiler: it won’t).

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