Brew Review – Drift by First Magnitude @fmbrewing

​If you go to St. Augustine (It really should be more of a ‘when’ and not an ‘if), there’s a fantastic little BBQ joint near the municipal parking garage called Mojo BBQ. Go. 

It’s got great food, it has a nice, local tap list, there’s a creepy cemetery across the street, it’s perfect. The last time I went with my lovely wife and daughter, some of the reenactors from nearby Castillo de San Marco were having lunch, still in uniform. It’s pretty awesome.  

Back to that tap selection: It’s nice and it’s pretty local. There’s even a section of the menu devoted to St. Augustine natives Ancient City Brewing (more on them in a later article). But on this visit I decided to stick more with the Gainesville beers I can never really get around me, namely Drift (English Mild Ale, 4.4% ABV) by First Magnitude Brewing.

The malt bill starts off with American two-row, but quickly gets darker and robust with Crystal 20, Munich, Brown, Aromatic, Chocolate, and Black Patent malts as accents. And I say accents, because the beer stays lighter, both in color and weight. There’s a delectable caramel undertone that is occasionally peppered with pepper, cocoa, and biscuit notes.

Yes, the beer has a good hoppiness to it as well, with both Warrior and Hallertau Mittelfruh used to give a good alpha acid base to the beer. It’s spicy and hoppy, but with that insane grain bill, the malt keeps the beer from going overboard. 

The best part is, the beer pairs perfectly with great BBQ. If I’m correct, it is also available in cans as well, making it great for anything you do in Florida.       

Even if it’s having lunch across from a creepy cemetery. 

Drink Florida Craft,


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One thought on “Brew Review – Drift by First Magnitude @fmbrewing

  1. From a St. Augustine resident, it’s awesome to see you hitting up such a great spot with a nice beer selection! Other great joints with awesome beer selections (and food) are Gas Full Service and Brewz n Dawgz. Bog Brewing is also a great, recently opened brewery in St. Augustine that has solid beers. Enjoy your time in St. Augustine!


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