Brew Review – Midnight Oil by Swamphead @swamphead

​It’s such an easy hack joke, but when I see that a beer is named Midnight Oil (Stout, 5% ABV, 34 IBU), I have to think of one of my favorite bands. Have to. 

I have no idea as to whether Gainesville’s Swamp Head Brewery likes or even knows the Oils, but their beer has the same moniker, and it’s a style I’m particularly fond of. 

Midnight Oil is also a particuarly excellent example of the style. Love it. 

It’s brewed as a traditional oatmeal stout. In true Swamp Head style, the grain bill is insanely complex and comprises Pale Ale, Roasted Barley, Chocolate, chocolate wheat, Crystal 60, and flaked oats. It’s a mouthfull. 

It was hopped with Fuggle and East Kent Goldings, and also added locally roasted coffee to the mix. And with all of that the beer is understandably complex, yet never completely overpowering. There’s a thick, chewy mouthfeel and a gorgeous, coffee-forward aroma. 

Flavor-wise, it has big, bold flavors of coffee, molasses, and a touch of vanilla. It doesn’t feel heavy or brutal; all of those flavors blend nicely and harmoniously. It’s rich, but it’s smooth and worth getting a pint. 

You’ll get to taste the power and the passion of this really wonderful stout.

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