Brewery Visit – Tomoka Brewing, Ormond Beach @tomokabrewingco

​There are two locations for Tomoka Brewing. Just so you know.

There’s the southern one in Port Orange, Tomoka’s big, shiny production facility and brewpub. Then, if you are more to the north, is the original location in Ormond Beach, where Jen and Pete first started brewing. 

It’s no longer brewing beers, but still has a full spread of Tomoka beers and a pizza oven churning out beer-crust pizzas. I wanted to see the production facility, but I accidentally steered us towards Ormond Beach instead. 

I’m not hating; it’s nice to see where everything started and they’re quaint, cozy digs. I will also say the couch by the front window is a great place for your daughter to snuggle between her mom and dad and enjoy dinner. It was for mine. 

Pete’s a chef, which was readily apparent when it comes to the food. We all enjoyed the zucchini fries, and the sheer number of pizza options was mindblowing. In the end, we ended up getting a snack-filled pizza called, of all things, the 420. The ranch drizzle on the top was sort of the kicker. Great stuff. 

Like I mentioned, they have a full lineup of Tomoka’s rather eclectic lineup of beers. My wife is a big stout fan, so I got her a pint of Lunar Eclipse Stout (Stout, 7.2% ABV). Crisp, flavorful, lots of great, slightly sweet malts. Really wonderful stuff. 

And, as usual, here’s the flight I got:

Mango Siesta Sour
(Sour Ale, 6.1% ABV) – It’s not quite battery acid (thankfully), but it’s got a hell of a kick and some great sweetness to it. 

Bangin’ Blonde
(Blonde Ale, 5% ABV) – It’s sweet. I’m pretty sure brewed with either honey or a ton of honey malt, making this a bit more approachable and easy to drink that an already approachable style. I’d love to see this get released in cans. 

Picnic Pilsner
(Pilsner, 4.8% ABV) – I was pretty happy this beer did not have the overly hopped quality that a traditional Pilsner had. It’s a bit more focused on the malt than it was on the hops, and is quite delicious. 

Sage Peppercorn Saison
(Farmhouse Ale, 7.2% ABV) – I was really amazed by the depth of this beer. Yes, there was a great saison funkiness, and the slight tang of the peppercorn and the earthy qualities of the sage made the entire experience intensely flavorful. 

I would love to go to Port Orange. Sometime soon I will. In the meantime, Tomoka is available almost statewide, Jen and Pete are great people, and I need to go to the other facility. 

I hope it has a couch. 

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