Brew Review – I Am Ocean by Barley Mow Brewing @barleymowbrew @oceanmediainst

​I’m a little jealous of Ocean Media Institute. 

This organization, curiously based in Bozeman, MT., exists as a multimedia and experiential based studio of sorts, enlisting a wide variety of collaborators and sources to tell stories and share information about the world’s oceans. Their website,, is gorgeous and worth a look just to experience how different cultures around the world live with and by the sea. 

One of their newest projects is I Am Ocean, a multimedia journey of remarkable people in specific places around Earth that interact with the ocean on a daily basis. Two are currently up on their site: below is the trailer for Hawai’I. 

Past that, they connected with my good friends at Barley Mow Brewing in Largo. Here’s where the jealousy comes in, as they combined forces to make I Am Ocean (Pale Ale, 5.4% ABV, 25 IBU) into a recent canned release. 

Looking at the can, it’s listed as a ‘Tropical Pale Ale,’ a style I would love to see really take off more in the Sunshine State. The color is a gorgeous orange, coming from a nice, well-rounded biscuity malt.

Hops, however, really make this beer. Barley Mow managed to strike a good balance between bitterness and a sweet, citrusy flavor. It brings a lot of big orange, lemon, and grapefruit flavor, which blends with the malty goodness quite nicely. 

It’s a good beer from a good brewery serving a good purpose to promote a good organization. If you can still find it, it’s worth it to try some. 

But I sure would love to make a canned release of my own. Still jealous. 

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