Brew Review – Night Cap by Lake Tribe Brewing @laketribebrew

​If my readers remember a few weeks ago, I sampled my first beer from Lake Tribe Brewing in Tallahassee, FL. It’s a great brewery with a lot of inspiration derived from the great outdoors and local Native American culture. 

Naturally, my next beer from them has none of that inspiration evident. Just a dog with a Night Cap (Stout, 6.7% ABV, 29 IBU) on.  

Spicy beers can really go one of two ways: slightly spicy and delicious or hot sauce. Luckily, Lake Tribe really knows how to do it right, giving this winter warmer a warm rush of head from peppers and spices. It never overpowers, however, and gives a really good bite. 

As for the rest of the beer, Night Cap comes in with a bold body of bready goodness. It’s dark and has a lot of great flavors of coffee and a bit of sweet cocoa, the latter coming from the malt and an addition of cocoa nibs. 

I’m pretty sure it’s still on tap for those of you lucky enough to be in Tally. And if this sucker were on nitro, I may have to move back. 

Maybe the dog drank it all already?

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