Brew Review – Frankie Rock by Hourglass Brewing @hourglassbrew

​I’m fairly sure that most readers of my blog, being somewhat around my age range, remember Fraggle Rock. If you don’t, I’m not really going to explain it too much since it’s readily available online and worth a watch.  

I’ll come back to that later, and mention that there area few other Orlando-based beer podcasts I’ve been listening to lately. One is Local 390, who has a fair number of podcasts available and recently visited Longwood’s Hourglass Brewing. 

In that episode, they spoke a bit about two of Hourglass’ canned releases. I wrote about Brown Beer, Brown Beer a little while ago, but the other was Frankie Rock (Hefeweizen, 5.3% ABV). 

The artwork and name was inspired by Fraggle Rock. Clearly. Obviously. And apparently Hourglass has a big, big affinity for anything Muppet/Jim Henson. But, accordingly to their co-head brewer, the Frankie bit was named after one of their regulars. 

See what you learn when you branch out? 

Okay, so it is, for the most part, a classic hefeweizen. It’s got a great, golden, cloudy appearance and a traditional clovey-fruity aroma. 

The other thing they did with Frankie (the beer, not the guy) was add a touch of rye malt to the grain bill. That little nuance made a big difference with the flavor, making it a bit less fruity sweet and just a bit deeper and meatier. 

It’s not an overly banana-laden beer, as some hefeweizens can be. Instead, it has a musky quality to it that really sets it apart. It’s worth a try, and that should be easier as you are starting to see Hourglass grow throughout the state. 

It’s also worth a shot to listen/watch something new. You’ll never know what you’ll learn. 

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