Brew Review – What Is That, Velvet? by Funky Biddha @funkybuddhabrew

​What is that, a Funky Buddha post?

I feel horrible that I’ve been focusing so much on beers from around the rest of the state so much that I’ve neglected my big South Florida friends. So I got my hands on another big, desserty beer from Funky, this one being What Is That, Velvet? (Red Ale, 5.4% ABV, 20 IBU).

I must mention exactly how much I am a sucker for Red Velvet Cake. And if there was any brewery in the state that could make a good beer out of a red velvet cake, it would be Funky. 

So they started with an incredibly dry English red ale that was remarkably crisp and slightly hop forward. The red color is something I’d like to mention here as well, since it had a gorgeous and crystal clear red color.

Past that, the beer also benefits from cocoa nibs and vanilla. That being said, the dryness of the beer overpowers the sweetness of the adjuncts quite a bit. It’s nowhere as sweet as some of their other dessert-inspired beers, and I can see that being a big benefit to drinkers that want more of a traditional beer, but with a little added kick. I personally think it was a well-crafted beer from any angle. 

And I promise to not go so long before reviewing them again. 

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