Brew Review – 305 by MIA Brewing @miabeerco

​I’ve started to really enjoy Lucky’s Market. 

I’ve written about their great beer selection before, and they have taps right upfront with their coffees. Plus, they will sell $2 pints and little grocery cart pint glass caddies for you to drink while you shop. Which I’m sure is great for them, since shoppers with a pint in them are probably going to buy more. But you can’t beat $2 pints and $4 growler fills. 

Plus there’s a lot of local stuff there. With the exception of a root beer, all other lines were from Florida. And I really couldn’t get more local than 305 (Golden Ale, 5% ABV, 10 IBU) from MIA Brewing.


If you really need a clean, non-descript beer to have while shopping, 305 is perfect. In appearance, it’s bright and golden, nice and clear. Aroma is lightly citrusy, a product of the West Coast hops used. 

In drinking, it’s incredibly crisp. There’s a light touch of malt sweetness, using what I can only assume would be either a pilsner, 2-row, or crystal malt. Nothing too heavy, nothing too brutal. Hops are just a touch more prominent, with that light citrus feel coming through nicely. 

It’s a great Florida beer, easy to drink, and perfect to sip on a hot day. Regardless of whether you’re outside or wandering around an air-conditioned grocery store. 

Drink Florida Craft,




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