Brew Review – Pineapple Beach by Funky Buddha Brewing @funkybuddhabrew

​When it comes to stereotypical Florida architecture, there are some easy stand-bys. South Beach, a castle, maybe even Castillo de San Marco, flanked by the pre-requisite palm trees and maybe a space shuttle in the distance. 

There’s a lot of smaller scale architecture that, while not nationally recognized, is still important to the local community. Places like Bok Tower, Tampa Bay Hotel, and the Main Street Bridge fit this bill. Another such example is clearly evident, yet almost imperceptible, on the artwork for Funky Buddha’s newest year-round release Pineapple Beach (Blonde Ale, 5% ABV, 20 IBU).  

Take a close look at the bird/pineapple/monstrosity of science thing. See that little spiral it’s standing on? That, dear readers, is Ft. Lauderdale Beach. 

Every entrance along the municipal waterfront is flanked with those little curlies. They’re quite minimalist and incredibly distinctive. Funky did this on purpose, making sure that little touch of home goes out with these six packs as they roll out statewide. 

The beer itself is just as distinctive and just as unassuming as the Ft. Lauderdale beach itself. Brewed with a malt bill heavy on pilsner with a light touch of wheat, the beer is incredibly soft and infinitely drinkable with a crisp body and clean aftertaste. 

The fruity aspects of the beer are remarkable. I’ve had some pineapple beers that have completely missed the mark, but Funky certainly did not. It comes from a liberal dose of fresh pineapple that is neither overpowering or non-existent. The flavor is there, just enough and accentuated with a small kick of Citra hops to be sweet, never syrupy. 

Plus it’s a year round beer, so it’ll be pretty much everywhere all the time. Beach goers can even go to the brewery to pick up a growler to take with them (since glass isn’t permitted on the beach. Sorry). It’s still worth the visit to find a great place to enjoy a great beer. 

And take a picture on those spirals. 

Drink Florida Craft,




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