Brew Review – Tri Wishes by Crooked Can @crookedcan @arthurstownb_co @raglanroadpub

​I love Ireland. Went there on my honeymoon and had a wonderful time. Went and saw a number of places, including a particular famous brewery that everyone immediately associates with the Emerald Isle.  For good reason, of course. 

I’m apparently not the only one that enjoys Ireland; my friends at Crooked Can do as well. They are also half of the team brewing a rather good international collaboration. 


The other half of this collab is Arthurstown Brewery, deep in County Wexford. The intent was to create the recipe for a classic Irish Red Ale that would be produced in by Arthurstown in Ireland and Crooked Can domestically.  

That beer is Tri Wishes (Red Ale, 5.5% ABV), and man is it good. As you can see, I had to grab a growler.

As a ‘Grand Irish Red,’ it grabs a lot of the better qualities of an amber ale, notably a solid, caramel-forward malt bill that lends a moderate body and gorgeous, rust color to the beer. Hops are kept thankfully low and noble, with a very slender floral quality being the main result in the beer. 

As much as I hoped, the beer’s name is not a reference to the importance to the triathlon community that Crooked Can’s home Winter Garden, and nearby Clermont, holds. Nope, Tri Wishes is only available in three places: Crooked Can and Arthurstown being two. 

The third is Raglan Road, the Irish pub and entertainment venue in what is now Disney Springs at Walt Disney World (Side note – RIP Mannequins). Tri Wishes premiered there at Raglan Road’s annual Irish festival, the Great Irish Hooley. And as much fun as it would be to go to Disney or Winter Garden to try the beer, personally, I’ll take Ireland. 

Time to update my passport. 

Drink Florida Craft,




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