Brew Review – 7 Mile Bridge by Two Henry’s Brewing

History lesson time!

From 1905 to 1912, Henry Flagler’s Florida East Coast Railroad built what was known as the Overseas Railroad. This railroad, otherwise known as “Flagler’s Folly” due to the rather incredible nature of the project, was a 156 mile railroad extension that stretched from Miami all the way to Key West. An aged, blind Henry Flagler used it to finally take his trains into Key West seven years after construction began.

One of the most famous stretches of the railroad (and the road that currently parallels the old tracks) is a seven-mile long stretch that connects Knight’s Key to Little Duck Key. That bridge, fittingly enough, is called Seven Mile Bridge.

Here, in present day, we have Two Henry’s Brewing, a brewery in Plant City that pays homage to the two Henrys that essentially built Florida, and one of those Henry’s is, of course, Henry Flagler (the other being Henry Plant). I love that this brewery does this, and I really can’t wait to visit. In the meantime, they have a few cans that are distributed in Central Florida, one of which is named for Flagler’s Folly, 7 Mile Bridge (English IPA, 6.5% ABV).

7 Mile Bridge by Two Henrys Brewing

7 Mile Bridge by Two Henrys Brewing

First of all, I’ve always loved Two Henry’s can designs. They’ve always been awesome.

So this is an English IPA, which is mercifully darker and less bitter than the West Coast-style IPAs that are so heavily favored throughout the craft beer community. Two Henrys uses crystal and biscuit malts in the beer, and to wonderful effect. There’s a big, bready sweetness that is evident throughout. It’s not nearly as big as an amber ale, but it is noticeable and it helps to balance the Simcoe and English hops used for flavoring.

There’s a touch, just a slight one, of floral bitterness that is evident when sipped and tends to linger on the tongue just a bit. It is still nicely rich and mature, especially for an IPA.

I’m actually really impressed with this one. Traditionally, I’m just not a IPA fan. But I can honestly see ordering this beer again.

I just don’t want to wait seven years to do it.

Drink Florida Craft,




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