Brew Review – Holler Hopper by Persimmon Hollow @persimmonhollow @terrapinbeerco

​I remember some time ago the blitzkrieg of brewery visits and collaborations that came from Terrapin Brewing, residents of our peach-soaked neighbor to the north. Most of those visits occurred exclusively to breweries in Central Florida, kind of within a general radius of Daytona Beach. 

One such brewery in that area is Deland’s Persimmon Hollow. And yes, Persimmon did a collaboration with Terrapin, the only bomber that I’ve seen in general distribution from them: Holler Hopper (Belgian Golden Strong, 9.2% ABV)

To be honest, I was immediately amazed by 1) how sweet it was and 2) how hoppy it wasn’t. With a name that prominently features the word ‘hop’ in it, I was expecting something a bit more along the lines of yet another IPA. 

Did not get that. What I got was a particularly strong Belgian, with the light taste of candy and banana fighting through a very strong, very aggressive booziness. It’s incredibly strong, but it still has a balanced character with those sweet flavors that get backed up deep on the palate with a plum, dark fruity quality. 

The beer has a deep orange haze and more of that dark fruitiness on the nose. I’m not sure how Persimmon and Terrapin got inspired to do all of this from a night of hanging out on the St. John’s River, but more power to them. 

We’ll see what other collaborations we can get out of Deland.  

Drink Florida Craft,




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