Brew Review – Have an Udder by 26 Degree Brewing @26brewing

Pompano Beach’s 26 Degree Brewing is starting to pick up some steam. They’ve had a crowler for some time, they’re bottling bombers, and they’re teasing their new 6-pack cans. Trust me, they have plenty of space to do all of this. 

So with the bombers, some of those releases comprise the Brown Bag Series, or beers they think are so good maybe you should bring some home with you. I never got the first one, but I managed to get one of the individually numbered bottles of No. 2, Have an Udder (Sweet Stout, 6% ABV, 25 IBU). I think I got number 86 of 100. 

Hooray for the dad jokes.

And hooray for the beer; there’s nothing I enjoy more than a well-crafted milk stout. It has a soft, silky smooth mouthfeel and the light, crisp aromas of biscuity malt and coffee. 

The flavor is right there as well, with a delicious body of coffee, chocolate, and that lovely, lovely lactose. It’s incredibly well-rounded, intensely flavorful, and very easy to drink. Lovely beer. And it has udders on the label. 

I’m hoping to keep up to date as well as I can on what 26 Degree is releasing next in the series. Hopefully, I can get a higher number next time. 

Drink Florida Craft,




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