Brew Review – Fruits of Florida Blueberry IPA by JDub’s Brewing @jdubsbrewing

Sarasota’s JDub’s Brewing is using 2017 to release their new ‘Fruits of Florida’ seies, a selection of IPAs (because Florida) accentuated with fresh, local, in-season fruits.

The thing I like most with the first beer, Blueberry IPA (IPA, 7% ABV),  isn’t the fruit, but the hops. 

It’s a little weird that I’m so ecited about hops, but one of the hops JDub’s used was Huell Melon (the other is Mosiac). I’ve heard a lot about this hop for the great melon flavor it imparts on a beer, and the Blueberry IPA has that. 

It’s small and in the back, but there is a light melon flavor that is tasty and tends to make the fresh, tangy blueberry flavor pop. Its obvious that the blueberries were fresh; there’s no sugary syrupy flavorings here. The base of the beer was kept light and crisp. It’s a good move with how delicate fresh blueberry can be. 

Blueberry was the spring release; lychee is coming in the summer, with raspberry in the fall. All should be canned and distributed throughout the state. It’s also interesting to note that each IPA will be completely different, not four different treatments of the same beer.

I hope they keep the Huell Melon, though. 

Drink Florida Craft, 




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