Brew Review – Fabio Rollercoaster Catastrophe Blonde by Lincoln’s Beard Brewing

The name of today’s beer alone should give you ample clues as to the vibe that Lincoln’s Beard, as a brewery, has. 

It’s tucked away off of Bird Road, in a massive two story building behind an IHOP. I was there, along with my beer buddy Steve, his son, and my daughter, in the middle of a Miami Dade beer trek. The inside of the brewery was warm and cozy, with plenty of Abraham Lincoln imagery for some inexplicable reason. Look at the picture of the beer below. Notice what the table top is covered in?


The brew system is still small, with what looks to be a 3 BBL system and a few fermentation tanks. Steve spoke to the brew master, and apparently more tanks are on their way, allowing LBBC to keep more of their beers on tap. I didn’t get to talk to the brew master, though. Sometimes I hate Steve. 

There are also enough silly puns and dad jokes to last a lengthy trip to, say, Illinois. Lincoln’s Beard goes well out of their way to keep things light and extremely goofy. As I said, take today’s beer, Fabio Rollercoaster Catastrophe “FRoC” Blonde (Blonde Alex, 5% ABV). 

The name was chosen randomly by one of the bartenders, because they needed a name, and when thinking of a blonde ale, who doesn’t naturally think of an Italian supermodel being clocked in the face by a waterfowl at 70 miles per hour?

What surprised me was how sweet the beer was. Being Florida, I got a little used to breweries overhopping beers that didn’t need to be hopped, making Pilsner in a Kolsch clothing. But LBBC kept it light and ridiculously malty. There are great notes of biscuit and sugar cookie swimming around the deep golden brew, kept buoyant by a light Noble hopping. 

It was a satisfying brew, and one I hope to see them keep on tap for some time to come. And when it comes time for me to go back to The Beard, I definitely look forward to trying more of their brews. Hopefully I will get to meet the brew master, too. 

Seriously, I hate Steve. I think I should launch a duck at him now. 

Drink Florida Craft,




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